Shohar is basically the word which represents the word husband. In Muslim religion they don’t call husband they call Shohar to their husband. Shohar ki Mohabbat by dua is the remedy which works for get your husband’s love. Some time in husband wife relation some misunderstandings happen where the result is divorce in on their case husband’s lost interest in you and start loving other woman or girl then these both can be harmful fro your relation so in these condition take help of our astrologer. Our astrologer has specialization in dua processor service. They have a good expertise in astrology field and solved lots of cases like this. So keep faith in us and give a chance to help you.


Dua for husband wife dispute problem

When there is lots of misunderstanding occurs in between husband wife then it destroys the relationship. And at the end the result will be divorce which is not good for husband wife as well as for family also so in this Situation Dua for husband wife dispute problem will help to solve problem which means a lot because for this process our astrologer provide you some mantra for dua and you make these mantra in dua this will result you very effective for you because dua is the prayer which happen between you and god no third person involve in this. And if you have faith in god and you make dua with clear and true heart then it will surly listen by god.



Dua to get husband’s love

Husband’s love is the first’s priority of wife in her married life. But sometime her husband distracted from the path of marriage and start ignoring his wife so what to do i9n this situation Dua to get husband’s love is the solution which is very helpful remedy for the wife’s in this situation. Where dam surly you get success but you have to keep in mind that always make dua with the clear and true heart



Miya-Mushtaq-Ali |