Every religion has its own style of worship. Apart from this, every night or something in every religion is special for the prayer, which has its own importance. For example, in Sanatan Dharma (Mazhab), Bhagavati Jagran / Navratra Jagran / Jainism has a special meaning, special tapa-Aradhana (worship), chanting an Omkar Satnam in Sikhism, also in Christian religion of Spiritual Nights for Spiritual Awakening and Awareness They have their own lengths which are associated with fasting or emulsion Moments.

The foundation of the worship of Islam is based on monotheism (la ilaha illah). Hazrat Mohammed (Sallallahu Alaihi and Sallam) is the Messenger of Allah i.e. the messenger (Mohammadurrussallah). It is necessary to accept this surety and tasdeeq i.e. Allah and His Rasool (messenger). It can be said that believing in Allah and believing Rasulallah’s Ahkamat (this Ahkamat is actually Ahkamay-Shariat) is the foundation of Islam religion and one can also get vashikaran mantra of Islamic to deal with issues.

Mahe Ramadan has a special place in Mazhabe-Islam. The Rosa kept with pakizgi (purity) and prohibition of abstinence, gives the Rosadar a different dignity of worship.

In fact, this Ashra (which has special significance in the prayer of the night) of getting rid of the fire of Dozakh starts from the twenty-first night (when the twentieth iftar is taken). Well, as has been said earlier in this ashraha, there are ten nights-ten days, but on the evening of the twenty-ninth day, if the moon is seen, then there are nine nights-nine days.

In this ashram, the twenty-first night which is called Taq (odd) night, Namazi (worshiper) performs Ateqaf (special worship in the mosque). If a person in the locality also commits, then the “neighborhood” becomes the whole neighborhood. In fact, Ramadan is the way to call upon Allah and the way to make it last.

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