Have you lost your heart on someone and wants to get the same feeling from the other side also then use Istikhara to Make Someone Fall Deeply in Love with You. as everyone knows that making someone in fall in love is not an easiest thing to do because as you have your choice and opinions as the same way every person have their own choice and opinion so maybe it is possible that you fit on their  graph or maybe not, so you can’t say anything for that but one thing is sure that when you love someone then you wants to do anything for getting that person in your life, Istikhara is one of that thing what you can use for making this impossible thing possible. If you are unpredictable about your choice that may be he/she also likes you or may be not then in that situation you can use Istikhara, Istikhara is a preferable remedy use by the Muslim people. When you use this mantra for making someone fall in love with you then it gives you 100% favorable result.


Istikhara for making your friends as your lover


Many of the time you might have heard that having a friend as a lover is really beautiful and yes it true also because a friend is someone who really care about you, who knows about you more than you, he knows everything about you. so when you are that much closer to someone then if you have feeling for them then there is nothing wrong but the thing is that you don’t know that what’s your friend thinks about you, is he/she also have the same feeling for you? Then without any confusion, you should take help of Istikhara for making your friends as your lover.  And by this, you never lost your friend and even you will get them as your partner also.



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