Istikhara for Marriage and Divorce

Istikhara for Marriage and Divorce is a service by our astrologer Moulana Ji who helps to a married couple to remove the marriage life problems. Marriage is not a relation for days or week or for moths it’s and relations who bound the husband-wife in a life time relation. Cause of which marriage is a one of the purest relationship which takes place in between two individuals who are just unknown and stranger for each other before few months or days but now they live each other with the commitment of life time togetherness. It’s also true that when people come to live their life with each other for life times then lot’s of ups and downs are occurs in their love life which is just like a exam of for a husband wife, many of people or couple take it as simple part of life and deal it with ease and get success in it but many of the  couple are those fail to deal with the problem and cause of which lot’s of more problems are arises in their relationship and cause of that problems, love start getting vanish somewhere and sometimes the problems are become too much higher cause of that people knock the door of Dispute and divorce also. Are you the couple who wants to take divorce from each other? Then you can take help of Istikhara for Marriage and Divorce solution. If you have tried each and everything but still the problem is not getting resolved then instead of bothering each other Divorce is a good option for you.

Istikhara for stopping Divorce dispute

Many of the time it happens in relationship that cause of daily problems and daily arguments, discussion on silly things couples get fed up with their married life and cause of that they want to get separate now from their partner but may be their partner don’t want this and wants to give one more chance to their relation then we suggest to use Istikhara for stopping Divorce dispute problem. Istikhara will help them to convince their partner to don’t take divorce and give a chance to their married life.

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