Love marriage is a one of the beautiful as well as a scary dream for a loving couple, beautiful is because it gives hope to couple to live life long together with each other and scary is because society and family never support love marriage decision. So for this kind of situation of people we want to suggest to use Istikhara for inter cast love marriage problem, istikhara is the best option to resolve the inter cast marriage issues. When a people fall in love with someone then they never see the cast or religion they only see the thing is love only but family and society never see all this. And this is the reason inter cast love marriage problems arises because couple wants to get marry with their loved one only and society never allows them because they believe that if youngsters do marriage in another cast then their upcoming generation will forget about their own customs and rituals, but couple doesn’t want to see all this they just wants to get marry with each other only, are you also the one who is going through this Dilemma then don’t worry take help of istikhara and make everyone agree with your love marriage decision.



Istikhara to agree parents for love marriage

Love marriage is a one of the biggest problems in society now days because as people are moving towards modern generation or towards western tradition love is getting very normal thing for youngster and when people love in love then they wants to get marry with their love one but cause of society, family also not supports youngster for love marriage decision.  If you are also the one then we want to suggest you to take use of Istikhara to agree parents for love marriage.




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