Having becoming a parent is a great blessing of ALLAH AZZA WA JAL for everyone. And everyone wants to have children because it’s a natural desire of human being.  There may be different reasons for having no Childs e.g. Lack in Husband, Lack in Wife, Magic by a Jealous or By the ALLAH AZZA WA JAL…. So, first you have to identify the specific reason and remove it through medicines as well as through Amal-e-Qurani-o-Islami or Muslim Amal.


Muslim Amal for Getting Pregnant

Muslim Amal for Getting Pregnant is the most excellent and easy technique for getting pregnant with naturally. Pregnancy is a hallucination of every married woman; she always needs to feel the happiness of maternity. This is the very effective Prayer for those people and couples who are unfruitful and desire to have a child. If there is no birth of a child a very long time, then you should have to make use of Muslim Amal for Getting Pregnant technique for getting a pretty child. We are not saying that you have any problem or your partner have any problem because sometimes we do not get child due to some destiny problems so you do not acquire to put the blame to your partner. If you think that your wife does not able to give birth a child within the Superiority moment, then do not lose your heart and try our Muslim Amal for Getting Pregnant technique with your wife.


Istikhara for Girlfriend

Istikhara for Girlfriend practice is used to obtain an attractive girlfriend for worship and marriage. Everybody wants to acquire a beautiful life partner in their life. A condition, somebody one of them, then they can use this practice. Some girlfriends believe that, how to perform Istikhara and how to manage somebody during it. So, this practice every girlfriend will find a desire boyfriend with her. Istikhara for Husband service is extremely effective to use. Every girl wants to get superior and the best husband in their life.




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