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Everyone knows how painful it is to leave a loved one forever. Divorce is only helpful if both men and women are not happy with their marriage. In some cases, only one person wants to give a divorce while the other person wants to stay. If you too are in such a situation, then perform Wazifa to Stop Divorce.

Powerful Dua to Stop Divorce

It’s a humble request, don’t forget to share this powerful dua to stop divorce because it can save someone’s life. Marriage is a relation between two families, and when a marriage ends with a divorce, it affects so many people’s emotions. If someone performs Dua to stop divorce with full faith in Almighty Allah (SWT), then nobody could break their marriage. It is also helpful if any other woman is trying to break your wedding. You can also get a solution to husband-wife issues.

How to perform dua to stop divorce?

  • Start on Wednesday morning.
  • Just after fajr salat, recite Durood Sharif for eleven times.
  • Then recite the ayat (100 times) given in the image below.
  • In the end, again recite Durood Sharif for eleven times.
  • Now make a dua from Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala to stop your divorce.

Things to consider:

  • You have to perform this ‘Dua to stop divorce’ for 21 days.
  • Women should not perform this amal during their menses/periods.
  • You should take permission before starting it.
  • Always keep your wish in your mind while performing this dua.

Dua to Save Marriage from Divorce

It’s the best option for you if you feel nothing is going well between you both. The “Dua to save marriage from divorce” is a precaution for you if you think your marriage can end with divorce. Nowadays, husband wife problems are becoming widespread. This dua is beneficial and trusted because many of our readers tried it and given a positive response. Hope after performing Dua to Save Marriage everything will be fine between you both. If you want to get an effective solution then follow all the rules and regulations mentioned for it.

We are giving this dua as a wife is performing for his husband. If you are a man and you want to implement it for your wife, then you can consult our specialist astrologer to deal with your issues.

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